Day trip to Chicago!

As most of you know, Joshy and I looove to travel. We've taken many trips together, and since Clark came along, we haven't slowed down (despite having lots of people tell us that our traveling days would all end once we had children). One of our favorite things to do is a day trip to Chicago, where we fly to Chicago, spend the day, and come back that same night, mostly thanks to Southwest Airlines. They have multiple flights to/from Chicago on any given weekday, and the flights are only about an hour long. When they have their wonderful airfare sales, we take advantage, and can often purchase our 2 tickets for less than $200. This time, they were free, as we had enough points saved up for the fare. This was my 3rd day trip to Chigago; Joshy and I went in 2009, and then I took my sister in 2011 shortly after she graduated high school.

So, bright and early yesterday morning, we loaded in the car and headed to BNA for a 7:30am flight to Chicago. It was a smooth flight and a short walk to the L train, which took us directly to the Sears Willis Tower. We had a little bite of breakfast before heading to the top. Clark ran around and enjoyed the views, and fearlessly stepped onto the Ledge...I still have a hard time stepping out onto that glass box! Since we woke up unusually early, Clark got pretty grumpy by that point, so he took a quick nap in his stroller while Joshy and I ate a bite of lunch at an authentic Italian place. After his nap, Clark was ready to go again, and we headed over to the Bean for a mini photo shoot (mostly with film). Then, it was a long stroll through Grant Park where we came across a huge fountain that neither of us had ever seen before. We spent the rest of our afternoon at Shedd Aquarium, letting Clark run around looking at all the 'shishies.' Then we hopped right back on the L directly back to the airport, ate a surprisingly delicious hamburger at an airport restaurant, then caught our plane back home. Clark totally crashed and was sound asleep the moment we took off. We pulled into our driveway just after 10:30pm.

It was a long day, but so much fun. And so easy...we had no luggage to drag around, no hotel to check into, no car to rent, just the diaper bag, which fits perfectly under Clark's stroller. The best part? At the end of such a long day, we were asleep in our own beds. Here are a few photos from my Toy Camera. Despite how it looks, we did actually let Clark out of his stroller quite a bit. It was just difficult to get a picture of him when he wasn't in his stroller, because he was more interested in running to see everything....though I can't blame him.
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