Nashville Film Birth Photography - Meeting Emmaline

It was 3:00am when my phone rang. Joshy barely flinched, but I hopped right out of bed and into my car. Hillary was finally in labor, so in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning, I made my way to Vanderbilt Hospital. Just under 24 hours later, a healthy 10 pound Emmaline greeted the world. Here is their story, told with Tri-x 400.
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Daniel Brown said...

Beautiful job, Jenna!

Hillary Yeager said...

We are so thankful that you were there to capture our daughter's entrance into this world-- you did a beautiful job capturing this priceless moment!

Dri said...

So so beautiful. Great job, Jenna, on capturing the emotion (and beautiful images in general). And great job, Momma Hillary - you are a strong, wonderful mother!