Timeless Shelbyville Wedding - Tim & Anne

Tim and Anne's wedding day was straight out of a storybook. The weather was perfect, the wedding details were stunning, but most of all, Anne and Tim were happy to be celebrating with their family and friends. So happy, in fact, the entire wedding party did a dance as they left the ceremony! Here are my favorites from their June wedding, held at Fairlane Church of Christ and the Fly Building. Special thanks to Donald Yeager for second shooting this one with me.
Farrar_001_WEB Farrar_020_WEB Farrar_037_WEB Farrar_051_WEB Farrar_062_WEB Farrar_083_WEB Farrar_091_WEB Farrar_140_WEB

These photos of the guys getting ready are by the lovely Don Yeager.
Farrar_148_WEB Farrar_161_WEB Farrar_165_WEB Farrar_173_WEB Farrar_199_WEB Farrar_217_WEB Farrar_241_WEB Farrar_266_WEB Farrar_273_WEB Farrar_293_WEB Farrar_304_WEB Farrar_318_WEB Farrar_361_WEB Farrar_374_WEB Farrar_377_WEB Farrar_397_WEB Farrar_418_WEB Farrar_422_WEB Farrar_463_WEB Farrar_467_WEB Farrar_493_WEB Farrar_520_WEB Farrar_527_WEB Farrar_543_WEB Farrar_554_WEB Farrar_574_WEB Farrar_579_WEB Farrar_583_WEB Farrar_594_WEB

These detail shots are also by Don.
Farrar_601_WEB Farrar_638_WEB Farrar_677_WEB Farrar_694_WEB Farrar_702_WEB Farrar_727_WEB Farrar_763_WEB Farrar_758_WEB

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C Forbes said...

Beautiful Art Jenna~
I love photography and you are a true artist.
I flew with your mother years ago at Capitol Intl. and we were roommates in NY.
I love your mom~ she is a dear lady~
So happy to be able to view your creations here~
Connie Bethshears (Forbes)