Jenna's Favorite Things: Kelly Moore Bags

When I first began working, I was fresh out of college and quickly gaining equipment with no where to put it. In a rush one day, I bought a diaper bag from Target for $30, and suddenly I had a camera bag. It wasn't wonderful, but the bottle pockets held my lenses, so I figured it would work for a bit until I found something better. Eventually I got more equipment, and so along came another cheap diaper bag turned camera bag. Sure, they functioned fine, but let's face it: they were ugly. Yet I carried these bags for years. Years! I never switched to an actual camera bag, because I never saw anything I liked...they were all just so boring. Thankfully, Kelly Moore decided to get into the camera bag game. She's been one of my favorite photographers for quite some time now, and when her bags hit the scene, I knew I had to have one. Ironically, I didn't want one for a camera bag; I wanted her Kelly Moore Classic bag as a (wait for it) diaper bag.

Just before Clark arrived, my great friends gave me the Kelly Moore Classic bag in gray, and it has been the perfect diaper bag for us. Not only does it help keep all Clark's diapers, toys, snacks, & books totally organized, it has tons of extra pockets for things like wallets, keys, and cell phones. My favorite part is the fact that it can be worn across my body. Wearing it like that allows me to have access to everything inside the bag yet still have both hands free, which is super important when dealing with a baby! After having and loving the Classic bag for a few months, it made me question why I was still using those awful diaper bags for my camera equipment. So, for the first time in 7 years, I actually bought myself a camera bag...for my cameras! This time I invested in the Juju. This thing is amazing. It holds everything I need to shoot anything on any given day, whether it be a newborn, senior session, or even a wedding. In it I keep 3 camera bodies & 5 lenses, plus all the film, batteries, & accessories I need. Did I mention it's gorgeous? The gray matches everything. When we travel, I switch it from camera bag to carry-on, because I know it's going to hold everything and keep it nice and safe.

Just recently, I purchased a second Juju and finally got rid of the last of the Target diaper bags. I got it in black this time, and I use this one as my reception bag with all of my speedlights and back up equipment. KellyMooreBag_05_WEB KellyMooreBag_03_WEB

We put the Juju to use as a diaper bag last July when we traveled to Portland, and it made our travel day go super smoothly. Clark was only 6 months old and needed lots of stuff, yet we had everything we needed for an entire day of travel perfectly organized and easy to find in just one bag. KellyMooreBag_11_WEB

Now is your chance to get a bag of your own! To continue the celebration of my new website, I'm giving away one $125 giftcard to Kelly's online store. She has such a great line up of fact, I'm going to have a hard time not keeping this giveaway for myself! I've had my eye on the B-hobo for quite some time, and one of her newest ones, the Riva, is also calling my name. To enter, click through the instructions below: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just so you know, Kelly hasn't paid me anything to say these things, I just really love her bags! Good luck! KellyMooreBag_01_WEB

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