Fun Belle Meade Plantation Wedding

It was a perfectly gorgeous Saturday in June for Kirk & Kayla's wedding at the Belle Meade Plantation. Kirk and Kayla are as sweet as can be, and have equally wonderful family and friends. I was so honored to be a part of their special day. Big thanks to Megan McGee for second shooting this one with me! Also, my Favorite Things giveaway is still here to enter. Like my Granny says, you can't win if you don't play! Embry_003_WEB Embry_010_WEB Embry_022_WEB Embry_037_WEB Embry_047_WEB Embry_062_WEB Embry_066_WEB Embry_080_WEB Embry_084_WEB Embry_092_WEB Embry_109_WEB Embry_115_WEB Embry_152_WEB Embry_154_WEB Embry_170_WEB Embry_181_WEB Embry_198_WEB Embry_282_WEB Embry_285_WEB Embry_336_WEB Embry_341_WEB Embry_353_WEB Embry_369_WEB Embry_381_WEB Embry_399_WEB Embry_412_WEB Embry_426_WEB Embry_431_WEB Embry_440_WEB Embry_448_WEB Embry_467_WEB Embry_489_WEB Embry_507_WEB Embry_509_WEB Embry_521_WEB Embry_585_WEB Embry_617_WEB Embry_636_WEB Embry_648_WEB

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