Tullahoma Birth Photography - Meeting Jacob

There are very few reasons that make me happy to be awake before the sun is up. In fact, I can only think of 2. If I have an early flight to catch, I'm usually happy about waking up at the crack of dawn. But what makes me most excited is a new baby. On Labor Day, I was eager to get up and head over to Tullahoma for the scheduled arrival of Jacob. Stacy has been in front of my camera a couple of times now, so to be able to be there for this huge moment was an incredible honor. I was even allowed in the operating room! Here are my favorite's from Jacob's birth story, told with 35mm black and white film.
Jacob_Birth002_WEB Jacob_Birth003_WEB Jacob_Birth007_WEB Jacob_Birth011_WEB Jacob_Birth015_WEB Jacob_Birth018_WEB Jacob_Birth022_WEB Jacob_Birth027_WEB Jacob_Birth031_WEB Jacob_Birth038_WEB Jacob_Birth051_WEB Jacob_Birth058_WEB Jacob_Birth061_WEB Jacob_Birth077_WEB Jacob_Birth081_WEB Jacob_Birth093_WEB Jacob_Birth124_WEB Jacob_Birth128_WEB Jacob_Birth158_WEB Jacob_Birth169_WEB Jacob_Birth157_WEB

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