It's incredible easy to take so much in my life for granted. The things and people I've been blessed with in my life are overwhelming, and I should never complain. Many people have done their thankful posts throughout the month of November, but rather than posting every day, here's one big list of the things I'm most thankful for in life. (I know this isn't a very picture heavy post...those will come again soon. These two photos were taken recently by Nathan Westerfield.)

1) Joshua: With out a doubt, I got lucky the day I first met Joshua. It was pretty much love at first sight, and how grateful I am that we've been on the same team ever since. I couldn't ask for a better partner in life or father for our son.

2) Clark: My biggest fear in life used to be spiders, but I'd tackle 1000 of them if it meant never being apart from my son. He's smart, he's sweet, and he's healthy. I just wish I could slow down time a little...he's growing too fast.


3) Our home: We have a warm, safe place to rest our heads every night. Our little house in the country is exactly perfect for us. Just the right size and shape, it truly feels like home when I walk in the door. I know we won't live in this house forever, but I'll be sad to say goodbye.

4) My parents: They have been such incredible guides as I've tackled adulthood and now parenthood. I know no matter what happens, they're always there for me.

5) My sister: Though we've always been in very different stages in life simply because of our age difference, there's no one else I have a relationship with quite like I do my sister. I'm so glad she's so near by.

6) My grandmother: It makes my heart so warm to know that Clark will grow up knowing my Granny. The memories I've made with her and in her home will last me forever, and I'm so glad my son can have the same experience.

7) Our cars: We have two sturdy vehicles that will take us anywhere our hearts desire. I'm so thankful I never have to worry about getting from one place to the next.

8) Our health: So far in life Joshua, Clark and I, as well as almost all of our immediate family have been very healthy and free of sickness and disease.

9) My job: I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. To be able to be my own boss, run my own business, make my own's something I'm grateful for on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that I simply love taking pictures for people.

10) My talent: I have a God given ability to see light and see people, and I'm so thankful for that gift.

11) My clients: Evey single time the phone rings, I'm so full of joy that someone has called me to capture their precious memories. My clients trust me with their biggest, most intimate moments, and I'm so glad they do.

12) Joshua's job: I'm thankful for both the fact that, first Joshua was able to stay home with our son for the first 18 months and that second, he was able to get back to work quickly when we decided we needed a second income. The job he has is a perfect fit.

13) Joshua's parents: My in-laws have never hesitated to support us through these first few years with Clark, whether it be babysitting or a box of diapers, they take good care of us.

14) Clark's school: I'm not so great at teaching beyond the obvious, so I'm glad to know Clark has a place to go where he is safe and can make friends and learn things on a daily basis.

15) Technology: Daily I take my cell phone for granted. Having all of the information in the world literally in the palm of my hand is incredible. Thanks to technology, I can see friends from far away, know my family is safe, and never be lost.

16) Modern medicine: It's easy to overlook something as simple as washing my hands, but living in this time of modern medicine is amazing. Thanks to advances, a vaccine can keep my son from getting a deadly disease...not to mention the fact that I was able to have painless surgery while awake in order for my son to be born.

17) Our country: Sure, our government has its faults, but over all America is a pretty great place to live. Simple things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equality for men and women are things we take for granted when we complain about politics.

18) Lack of war/disasters: There is war, destruction, and devastation all over the world, but in our sweet state of Tennessee, we're free from most of them, aside from the occasional tornado. My heart goes out to those people who aren't as fortunate to live in a place like this.

19) Our stuff: It seems silly and superficial, but I'm thankful that I've been given the opportunity to be able to afford stuff. There are so many who do without so much, and to be able to shop is such a blessing.

20) Food: There is always food on my plate...usually too much. I never have to worry about where my next meal comes from. Knowing that there are people who don't have basic things like food and shelter makes me realize just how blessed we are.

21) Friends: My life is a richer one thanks to my friends, even the ones that live far away.

22) Pictures: My memory is week, and I'm so glad I have photos to help me remember the people in my life, both those who are here and those who aren't.

23) Travel: Not everyone is as lucky as I have been when it comes to travel. I've been so many places and seen/done so many different things beyond my own backyard. I'm so glad for each of those opportunities.

24) Education: Joshua and I are both college educated people. By having the chance to attend college, we've been given such incredible opportunities in life. And thanks to the internet, our education can continue.

I know there are so many more things I could list. I've been blessed in life beyond measure; I hope I am able to spread some blessing to others.

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