Christmas time with Clark

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a humbug at Christmas time. Don't get me wrong, I love family time and good will, but I hate decorating, shopping, Christmas music...all the rest. People said it would get better when I had a kid, yet somehow it's worse. Such pressure to make sure Clark has a magical Christmas every year! Last year, with traveling, cooking/hosting, and Clark's first birthday party all squished into a 10 day period, I nearly pulled my hair out. But making the executive decision to not celebrate Clark's birthday until February or March has made things much easier. Plus, we're not traveling fact, I never even have to leave Deason. So this year I've been able to relax about the whole thing a little more. We put up our little tree last week, and I'll admit, it was kinda fun watching Clark get excited about the ornaments. We also took Clark to Mandy Johnson's studio to see Santa Claus, and it was an incredibly sweet thing to watch. Next year I've even agreed to get out big tree back out!

Since it's now holiday time, I'll be taking a good solid week or two off. I have a handful of baby sessions in the beginning of January, but until then, expect radio silence from me online...I'm ready to step away from the office for a bit and just enjoy my family time. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas!
All Santa Claus photos were taken by Mandy Johnson Photography.

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