James & Brittany - Legacy Farms Wedding

On Sunday we made the long trek home after visiting Joshua's family for the Thanksgiving holiday. The traffic was absurd, and it took us over 10 hours to drive what should have been an easy 7. We finally got home last night around 10pm, and when we pulled into the driveway, Clark woke up and yelled, "Home!" I think he was just as glad to get here as we were. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is breathing down my neck...um, I mean, just around the corner. It's going to be a busy 23 days and counting. As many of you might know, Clark's birthday is just a few days after Christmas, but for my own sanity, I made the executive decision to not celebrate his birthday until sometime in February. Partially because it's just too much to try to squish Christmas and birthday all into a 5 day span, especially when we've barely made it out of Thanksgiving alive. And partially is because I'm just not ready for him to turn 2.

Until then, perhaps I can get caught up on my blogging a bit, eh? I had 8 gorgeous weddings this fall, with one still to go. Here is the first of my fall weddings...the Legacy Farms wedding of James & Brittany. The sun was shining perfectly for us on their September wedding day. I love the wheat in their bouquets by the ever wonderful Caprice of Enchanted Florist, don't you?
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