Santana - Shelbyville Senior Portraits

With so many family members living such a short distance away, it's never really been hard to find a babysitter when we need one. And before Joshy went back to work, we didn't need one all that often. Joshy and I had plenty of time to ourselves, and we often went on dates in the middle of a Thursday afternoon while Clark was at school. But now Joshy's working full time, and our "us" time has disappeared... we realized we needed to actually schedule some time together every week. Of course, our family is all just as busy as we are, so we decided to hire a babysitter. Enter Santana. We've known her for ages, and she's such a great, smart person. She's such a great babysitter for Clark, watching him one night a week as we eat out, watch a movie, shop at Target, or do whatever we want. She's a senior this year, and I loved doing her senior portraits at Arrowhead Ranch and around the Normandy square. Santana_66_WEB Santana_04_WEB Santana_10_WEB Santana_23_WEB Santana_33_WEB Santana_34_WEB Santana_46_WEB Santana_51_WEB Santana_63_WEB Santana_73_WEB

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