Cheekwood Family Photographer - Epstein Family

I'm well into my off season, which means little shooting and lots of behind the scenes work. I'm taking the time to really examine each and every aspect of my business to figure out what I'm doing well and what I can do better so that my clients have the best experience possible. I'm also taking time here and there to just step away. Sometimes I think I need a little distance to see more clearly. So I've been watching plenty of HGTV and making a few Walmart runs here and there. I'm really wanting to re-do our master bath, but it'll have to wait until we have a little extra cash. Today, I kept Clark home from school so he and I could hang out and then go have lunch with Joshy. Clark's napping now, so I wanted to share this fun session.

Jerome and Serena first contacted me a couple of years ago when they were looking for an elopement photographer. They were having a private ceremony in Nashville, and wanted some fun pictures to share with everyone who couldn't be at the ceremony. I had a blast with them then, and I was super excited when they called me again. Jerome and his sister wanted to give some pictures to their parents for Christmas, so we all met at Cheekwood for a family photo session. I love all the color and texture that Cheekwood has to offer, don't you?

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