Timeless Baby Photography - Clark's First Year Fine Art Album

When it comes to photos of my child, I have a bit of an advantage. While most people need to call in a professional, I'm lucky enough that I'm able to just grab my camera at random times to document his daily life, whether it be a milestone like turning one or sitting up, or just another day hanging out with his toys.

At the end of my baby's first year of life, I had a large number of beautiful images, recording every step of his growth. I offer exquisite Fine Art Albums for my clients who participate in the Baby's First Year package, and I just knew I'd have to make one for Clark. Sure, I waited a year later to order it, but when this leather bound album finally came in, it was simply stunning. I sat down and flipped through the album several times, studying each little expression and just how much he's changed in a year. There is something so incredibly wonderful about being able to hold an album in my hands and touch and feel these photos, rather than just looking at them on a computer screen. We live in a digital world, and when Clark is an adult, I want him to have a physical collection of photos and albums from his childhood, as my personal gift to him.

All along I've been photographing for the future, when Clark grows up. But then I wondered: what will he think of this now, as a two year old? So I showed him.

When he noticed I had my camera out, he first wanted me to take a picture of his car. Then another car...and then one more. He was reaching for his entire basket of hotwheels before I finally stopped him.

Then I sat his beautiful album in front of him. I asked, "Who's that?" After a minute, he said, "That's Clark!" and began turning each page.

He was excited as he looked through his album and recognized old toys and things that are not longer around. He was especially puzzled by his passy..."That's for babies," he said.
Of course, it wasn't long before his toy dinosaurs and hotwheels had his attention again, but it was definietly rewarding to watch him see his portraits in this timeless album.

If you're pregnant, have a baby, or are thinking about it, I urge you to consider signing up for my Baby's First Year package. You may not have a professional photographer living with you, but with the package I offer, you'll at least have gorgeous photos of your growing baby every couple months. And in the end, you too can have a stunning Fine Art Album to give as a gift to your child, now and in the future. Ready to begin? Click here to contact me.

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