Bicentennial Mall Wedding - Michael & Allie, part 1

Middle school is a funny thing, isn't it? Awkward, unsure...the 'tween' stage. We've all been there. For me, I was lucky to have a great group of friends. We talked in the hallways between classes, sat in the lunchroom together, and hung out whenever we had the chance. In that group, there was Michael, who happened to be my first "boyfriend." Of course, in middle school, the term "boyfriend" means simply that on field trips we sat next to each other on the bus, and during the summer, we might have a conversation on the phone. Once we went to high school, Michael moved, and I lost touch. That is, until I opened my email one day last year. He was writing to tell me he was engaged, that he had been following my work, and that he and his gorgeous fiance Allie wanted me for their wedding photographer. I couldn't be more excited! Michael has one of the kindest hearts I've ever known, and it meant to much to be a part of his wedding day. He and Allie are as sweet as can be, and I wish them all the happiness in the world. Here is part one of my favorite images from their October wedding in downtown Nashville. The ceremony was at the Bicentennial Mall amphitheatre, and the reception was held at Marathon Villiage, in a room with a stunning view of the skyline. Be sure to check back soon to see all the details of their old rail car themed reception. My favorite moment from their wedding when we passed by a group of LARPers, and they took a moment to salute the happy couple....that's just not something you see everyday!

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Molly said...

I can't get over the LARPers!!!!! How great was that!?!?