Franklin Maternity Photographer - Waiting for Emma

The truth is, I'm a pretty cold nature person. For a little while this summer, our air unit was low on freon, and the house would never cool below about 75 degrees. I'll admit: I was pretty ok with that. But I live in a house with two hot nature fellas, and once the temps outside broke 90 degrees, we had to have the repair guy out to fix it. Now, I sit at my desk with cold fingers and a hoodie on once again. Oh well. At least soon I'll go outside for a fun shoot and warm right back up again very quickly. For Jessica's maternity session this past December, it was a little cool outside, but not totally freezing. The warm afternoon sunlight helped keep them cozy. Check back in a couple of days and I'll have sweet Emma's newborn session ready to share. You'll want to take a look at her head of hair!

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