Clark's 2nd Birthday Party - The Clark Express

I promised myself I wouldn't do it again. After his first birthday party, which fell a mere 5 days after his first Christmas, I decided that when Clark turned two, there would be no need for a big party. Just a few family members and some cake. And then his birthday turned into the day from hell, complete with an extremely scary overnight stay in the ER. On his actually birthday, we'd planned cake and a trip to the movies, and instead he was sick and hooked up to monitors. So that's when I decided that we would actually go all out again for his birthday. This time, I was smarter, and I pushed his party back a couple months to the middle of March, so that we all had time to recoup from the madness of Christmas.

 Once again, I called in help from my talented pal Jennifer Hamilton, and together we created the "Clark Express." Our one gift to Clark on his birthday was a train table, since he loves trains and cars and trucks...anything with wheels, really. I'm not a great cook, so we did a 'build your own sandwich' bar, which seemed to be a hit, because everyone got exactly what they wanted. Ashley, Joshua's sister, made some completely delicious cupcakes, and Clark had a blast playing with all his friends. His second birthday party was featured on On To Baby, just like his first birthday party. Thanks to all our family and friends for making Clark's party such a special day for him!

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