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The truth is, I spend a lot of time in my office. And I mean a lot. Sure, I go out and shoot often, but that only accounts for a couple of hours our of my 40 hour work week. The rest is spent at my desk editing, answering emails, and doing all the daily tasks that come with running a business, all in the third bedroom in our home that we've dedicated to office space. For the most part, I love my office. But recently, it was getting a little stale. I spent some time clearing off my desk, changing out curtains and shelves, and adding a twin bed to the room. All of these touches just made my space a little prettier, which makes me feel a little more relaxed, and thus more creative. I can tell a big difference in my productivity since making the changes. My biggest (and best) change is the wall that is opposite my desk. Mostly, I'm staring at my computer screen all day, but if I look just past it, there was a huge, empty wall. This was my view (yes, I was browsing the Container Store website when I took this big surprise there):

After having just attended the A Bryan Photo workshop, I was inspired by all of the photos in matted frames around their studio. They also offer a "found frames" service that sparked my imagination. I began shopping for frames, as well as collecting frames from around the house that didn't have a home, including this white one with a gray matte. It's holding two photos taken by Jon Canlas at his FIND workshop that I attended back in 2010.

Using that as my starting point, I made a rough sketch of the frames, and began listing out possible photos to go in them. I knew I wanted at least one to be a print of some sort, so I ordered a custom silver foil print from Barchen on Etsy, with the phrase "Home is wherever I'm with you." I had her add the three stars of the TN state flag as a nice embellishment. With the sketch of the prints in mind, I spread all the frames out on the bed I just added to my office. I walked by those frames a dozen times, moving & adjusting them, until I had their spacing just exactly right.

My next step was to get some craft paper. I spread it out on the floor, and placed all the frames on the paper in their assigned locations. Then, with a pencil, I traced around each frame. Once I had every frame traced, I taped the paper to the wall, to make sure the frames were centered in the space on my wall. I also used this as a guide for my nails. I found this tutorial on pinterest for marking where to put nails. I held my frames in their traced spots, then made my mark and nailed straight through the paper.

Once I had my frames in place, it was time to decide on the photos! Since all my frames and mattes were black, white, and/or silver, I decided to have all of my photos black and white. I struggled for a while trying to decide if they should all be "work" photos or personal photos, but I ultimately landed on using both. I chose a handful of my favorite photos of my family, as well as shots that I had taken for work that I was proud of. I'm happy to say that every single picture was photographed using film.

Once my photos arrived, all I had to do was put them in their frames and then hang them where the nails were! I'm so pleased with the results. The view from my desk is so pretty and inspiring. Everyday when I come in to work, I feel fresh and ready to take on the day's tasks.
Jenna Henderson is a timeless, fresh wedding photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. She uses a mixture of film and digital photography for her weddings and engagement sessions, giving clients an exquisite collection of photos with genuine, photojournalistic storytelling. Nashville wedding photographer, Nashville engagement photographer, Nashville baby photographer, Nashville family photographer.

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