Cheers to 10 Years!

Yesterday, I hit what I consider to be a huge milestone in my career. Exactly 10 years ago, I officially became a small business owner at the age of 21. What joy and pride I have to still be doing business in a career I love a full decade later! My business has become a huge part of who I am, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found success in providing for my family with a camera. Appropriately, I spent the day at one of my favorite wedding venues photographing gorgeous details while surrounded by happily engaged couples and with a glass of champagne in my hand. It's the people I've come to know over the past 10 years - whether they be incredibly talented vendors, couples I watch say "I do," or families I've been lucky enough to see grow over the years - that makes this job as awesome as it is. I'm truly thankful for every client and every moment, and I'm so looking forward to what the next 10 years brings. Cheers to 10 years!
Jenna Henderson is a timeless, fresh wedding photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. She uses a mixture of film and digital photography for her weddings and engagement sessions, giving clients an exquisite collection of photos with genuine, photojournalistic storytelling.

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