Franklin Film Photographer - Spring Wedding at CJ's Off the Square

My all-time favorite bride personality is the laid back bride. She’s super excited to get married. She’s happy, carefree, and refuses to sweat the small stuff. She did her homework, hired professionals, and now she’s prepared to just trust them to work out the details while she sits back, relaxes, and enjoys her day. These are my people.

This chill attitude aptly describes gorgeous, timeless bride McKensie on her fabulous wedding day at CJ’s Off the Square last May. She and her groom, Nic, glow in every shot. Her easy going nature led to photographs that possess a journalistic feel … especially the black and white shots. For more wedding inspiration, check out my Pinterest inspiration page or follow me on Instagram.

Jenna Henderson is a timeless, fresh wedding photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. She uses a mixture of film and digital photography for her weddings and engagement sessions, giving clients an exquisite collection of photos with genuine, photojournalistic storytelling. Nashville wedding photographer, Nashville engagement photographer, Nashville baby photographer, Nashville family photographer.

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