Nashville Film Photographer - Front Porch Farms Wedding

Hybrid shooting really offers the best of both worlds. One of its advantage is the ability to feel at ease shooting in both bright sunlight as well as low light in a single day. During the day, the dynamic range of film can handle bright sunlight without getting harsh tones. At night, the digital camera offers the advantage of being able to change film speeds between shots. Take the wedding of my longtime friend, Nicole, to her husband, Hal, at Front Porch Farms located just outside of Nashville. This gorgeous wedding venue’s perched atop of one of the most picturesque hills in middle Tennessee but its elevation doesn’t offer much in the way of shade trees. No worries. Have film; will travel! Some of my favorite shots from that day perfectly the illustrate the point. I adore the father-of-the-bride sneak peek images. It was a super sweet, emotional moment that I felt honored to capture on film. Shooting from inside while focusing on something outside can be tricky, but I knew my Canon EOS3 and Portra 160 film could handle it. At the reception, I switched over to digital, which allowed me to get the film speed just right in the shots of the bride and groom’s first dance as well as some extra fun twilight shots taken near the pool. I adore the glistening cafĂ© lights twinkling from above, don't you? Want to learn more about the advantages of hiring a hybrid photographer like me? Shoot me an email.
Jenna Henderson is a timeless, fresh wedding photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. She uses a mixture of film and digital photography for her weddings and engagement sessions, giving clients an exquisite collection of photos with genuine, photojournalistic storytelling. Nashville wedding photographer, Nashville engagement photographer, Nashville baby photographer, Nashville family photographer.

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