Destination Wedding Photographer - Washington, DC Wedding

Stepping in at the last minute to be “wedding coordinator” – in addition to wedding photographer -- at any event could be a recipe for disaster. Could be … that is if it wasn’t the nuptial of the super laid back Taylor the little sister of my BFF Devon. The fact that she and Chris are both super awesome, plus the fact that my camera loves them made this wedding a total blast! The wedding and reception took place in a quaint venue just outside on Washington D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia. It seems like all the stars just sort of aligned that day. An outdoor wedding could have been a bit of a gamble … especially in December … but God smiled down with a mild, sunny day. Looking at these photos just gives me the warm fuzzies! Nearly everyone in these photos are my second family. Days where my profession and the people I love combine are the best!

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