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In July, Joshua, Clark and I headed to Gulf Shores for a few days for a family vacation. We don't travel to the beach very often, but decided it was time for a visit. We packed our sunscreen, hats, and towels, and got excited about playing in the waves and building sand castles. However, it only took us about 30 minutes after arriving to remember exactly why we don't travel to the beach very often...we're just not beach people, y'all. The sand, sun, and swimming with creatures in the ocean just aren't our cup of vacation tea.

That being said, there is one beach that has my much so that I can't wait until my next return trip. That beach is Cannon Beach, Oregon. It's home to Haystack rock, incredible views of Pacific ocean waves crashing against the rocky shore, typically gorgeously overcast skies, and sand that doesn't stick, not to mention the cutest little coastal town I've ever seen. Clark and I found ourselves there this past March when we took a week long trip to visit Aunt Devon and family. Even though Devon lives near Portland, it's only about an hour drive to the coast, and even the drive is stunning. We spend two days hanging out in this picturesque town and enjoying each others company. Naturally, I had to snap a few film photos. Yes, we have our jackets was chilly and rainy! But too pretty to complain about. Fun fact: Clark's very first visit to the ocean was on this beach when he was only 6 months old! Here are a handful of my favorite photos from our leisurely visit with the Faulkners.

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