Nashville Family Film Photographer - The Cox Family

Shooting toddlers is often unpredictable. Abby, like most parents, was afraid that her little one wouldn't smile in every shot or wouldn’t cooperate ... and you know what? Sometimes kids don't. But that's ok! In my experience, parents shouldn’t worry about facial expressions at this age. Speaking from experience, you’ll be thankful for photos that show all side's of your little one's personality once they're grown a bit. Those memories are fleeting!

Of course, during the Cox family’s petite session baby boy just grinned -- those two, new front teeth showing -- in nearly every image. How adorable is he?!? The Cox family took advantage of my Petite Sessions, which offer a shorter length session + digital images for a slightly discounted rate. It’s perfect for a quick Christmas card shoot or for toddlers who won't last long. I offer these a few times a year, typically once my calendar has started to fill of full sessions. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be one of the firsts to receive this offer in the future. Click here to sign up.

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