Office Make-Over - Moving from a spare bedroom to a closet

What do you do when a new baby is on the way, and the only space for the baby is occupied by your office? You make a Cloffice, of course. A Cloffice = a closet that's been converted to a fully functional (and even kinda cute) office.

For me, this was a very gradual process. First, the closet I moved into was occupied by Joshua's clothes. Luckily, we have two closets in our master bedroom, one of which was all mine. But, I reduced my contents by about half, as did Joshua, and we had some strategic shelving and extra hanging racks installed into the bigger of the two closets.

Next, once Joshua's former closet was empty, I painted, and had a custom shelf (as seen on the right) built in there. I shopped and shopped for a small desk with drawers that would fit in the tiny space, but after coming up empty handed, I decided the small white desk I already was using as a secondary desk in my current office would work.

And then it just became a matter of thoughtful organization planning. I had to pay attention to everything I used on a daily/weekly basis, and pair down to only the items that I really needed ... which was a lot more than I realized, to be honest. Then, I had to find a place for them all. This is where creative problem solving came into play, such as acrylic jewelry drawers from The Container Store that now hold my paper clips, post it notes, and other misc office supplies. I also mounted a paper towel holder which serves both as an extra surface as well as a place to hang my packaging tape and ribbons.

Eventually, I was able to find a place for pretty much all the necessities, and the rest either went into storage or was given away, thrown away, or sold. My precious desk that I bought myself as a "I'm-proud-to-be-my-own-boss-I-deserve-this" nearly 9 years ago had to go to storage, and I kinda couldn't watch as it went out the door. None the less, everything got moved out of the old office, and my daily workspace found a new home. I tried to decorate a little, but there just isn't much space.

Still, I think I've done the best I can with what I have. I'm just so thankful to have this extra space in our bedroom to be able to use, even if it means I've got shipping supplies stuffed under our bed. Joshua had to find a new home for his computer desk as well, so he now has a corner in the living room. Occasionally, I'll need an item, and my brain will know exactly where it was in the old office, but it takes me a minute to find it in the new Cloffice.

So far (knock on wood), nothing has been totally misplaced. Even though this work space is now in our bedroom, at night I turn my little purple lamp off, close the curtain, and I can still fully walk away, which is crucial for anyone who works at home. Even though it's just a curtain over the door, the visual separation allows me to make the mental separation from work and home, so I can be fully present at either, even though they both share a space. The old office is now officially our new nursery!

I'll be sure to post some photos of it when baby boy makes his arrival. Although there isn't quite anything out there like what I made, I did use Pinterest quite a bit for inspiration to see how others had solved their tiny space problems. Have you ever done anything like this? What space saving solutions have you come up with?
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