Nashville Family Photographer - Anniversary Session at Vanderbilt University

Just a reminder: I am currently on maternity leave after having welcomed our son Oliver. As such, my email response will be a little slower than normal. If you're engaged and want to discuss booking your wedding, I promise I will respond within 24-48 hours of your inquiry (just forgive me if my words are misspelled, I might be a little sleep deprived!) and we can get started on building your perfect wedding photography experience. After March 1st, I'll be back in the office and behind the camera full swing, right back at creating heirlooms for you. In the mean time, enjoy this post as well as some other pre-scheduled blogs I have in store for you!

Often, it seems that the focus for family sessions is always on the kids. And believe me, I get it ... kids are super cute (just ask me about my two adorable boys!). But, adults need photos too ... after all, we love our parents just as much as our kids!
Tom and Brenda are a great example of taking the time to do a portrait session without centering it around a kid milestone. Instead, they used their 40th wedding anniversary as a reason for photos. They could not be more adorable! And the way he looks at her (swoon) … well, it might as well be their wedding day.
I took these image last fall in and around the Vanderbilt campus. Tom attended school there and Brenda worked on campus when they were newly married. Brenda is one of my mother’s best friends. The couple also happens to be the in laws of my sister who gave them the portrait session as a gift.
Not only did Tom and Brenda have a blast strolling down memory lane to capture these sweet images, but someday their children and grandchildren will be grateful to have them. Next time you're short on gift ideas, why not purchase a gift certificate for a session like this? It's perfect for Mother's Day, which will be here before we know it! Email me to get started.
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