Nashville Wedding Photographer - Intimate Rooftop Wedding in Downtown Nashville

I'll be honest. I'm not one of the cool kids. I've lived in Tennessee my whole life, yet I've never been in a Honky Tonk on Broadway, because I'm afraid I'd be required to wear boots and line dance, and those just aren't things I do. So, it's highly unlikely you'd find me in downtown Nashville on a Saturday night. Lucky for me, Maggie and Ryan are the cool kids, and they took me out of my comfort zone and right in the heart of Broadway...or at least right above it. Their wedding was held at Aerial Nashville on a beautiful Saturday in September. We spent some time weaving in and out of the tourist crowds for their portraits, and then it was time to escape up a secret elevator to their chill, rooftop wedding. And when I say chill, I mean it. Maggie and Ryan did it right...they started the evening with food and cocktails, stuck a quick ceremony in the middle of it, and ended it with more dinner, drinks, and dancing, all with an incredible view of Nashville's unmistakable "Batman" building. Did I mention how impeccable the details by Stunning Events were? Just take a look for yourself!

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