Nashville Elopement Photographer - Real Waterfall Elopement

One of the greatest honors I've come to know as a wedding photographer is witnessing some of the most special and intimate moments in a person's life. I'm truly humbled each and every time someone chooses to not only let me into their personal world, but also ask me to tell their story. Sometimes, I'm the only witness to their story, which makes my storytelling task that much more crucial. Trust me when I say I don't carry that lightly.

Such was the case with Kyle & Alex. After going back and forth on weddings plans and an increasing guest list, they decided to simplify. They contacted me about a week before their planned elopement at Rutledge Falls. Having photographed Kyle before, I jumped at the opportunity to tell his and Alex's story ... even at 31 weeks pregnant! Admittedly, hiking down a waterfall in my third trimester maybe (probably) wasn't the best idea, but I couldn't resist the chance to photograph their sweet elopement. The November day turned out to be absolutely perfect weather, with the sun shining through the fall foliage. Here are my favorites from the day. Naturally, these were all shot with film ... a nice way to come full circle with film and with Kyle.

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