Nashville Elopement Photographer - Introducing an Elopement Photography Package!

"Let's just elope!" 

 I'm pretty sure at some point in the wedding planning process, every bride and groom declares that they should just elope in order to avoid the stress that's often involved with wedding planning. I know I said it. I'm pretty sure my sister did too. And more and more people are taking that path. I get it: planning a full blown wedding is hard. And time consuming. Don't get me wrong - weddings are awesome and will always be one of my very favorite things to be involved in. But, they're just not in the cards for everyone.

If you're thinking about eloping, it's probably because you just want to simplify.  ... maybe it's just you and your fiance, or maybe you'll have your parents there too. But simple can still be stunning. You know that just because you're eloping, it doesn't mean that you have to settle on carrying a bouquet of highlighters (anyone pick up on that Parks and Rec reference? No? Moving on.)

Most importantly, you understand that eloping makes having great photos all that more important because no one will witness you say "I do." Your photos are how you'll tell the story of your day once it's all said and done to everyone who wasn't there, which is pretty much everyone. 


If you're planning on eloping in or around the Nashville area, I have the perfect package for you!

Nashville Elopement Photography Package 

  • Two hours of fine art film elopement photography 
  • USB with digital images + print release 
  • Matted folio album with 12 fine art 8x10 prints 
  • $1400
 Contact me and let's talk about how your elopement can still be totally awesome. I'd love to witness you say your vows and help you tell your story to those who weren't there.

In the mean time, here's a throwback to this exquisitely styled elopement shoot I did back a couple of years ago with my muse Taylor and her husband Chris when the Washington, DC cherry blossoms were at their peak.

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