Nashville Film Family Photographer - Clark & Oliver

It's Monday morning, and I just had to share a handful of photos of these two fellas. Let me be the first to tell you- it is not easy to get photos done, even for me. It takes time, and that's something we just don't have a lot of when kiddos are involved. That's why I've started offering Petite Sessions year round. Instead of a mini session day once in the fall, you can book a petite session any time of year. Petite sessions don't take a ton of our precious time. They're only 30 minutes long, and even the busiest family can find 30 minutes on their calendar! And, just because it's a short session doesn't mean it'll be short on amazing photos of your family.

 Just take a look at this. After dinner one day, I remembered I needed to finish a roll of film in my camera. I had about 30 minutes of daylight left, so in that 30 minutes, I managed to dress & load the kids, pack my bag, drive down the road, and take this group of photos ... and you know that loading them up took up about half my shooting time! Yet there was still plenty of time for a great little session, and it was so worth it to take that 30 minutes out of the day.

Just this goes to show, if a lack of time is what's keeping you from scheduling a family session, let me solve that problem for you with a Petite Session!

Email me now to talk about planning one for your own family!! I have very limited spots open in May and June.

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