Nashville Wedding Photographer - Classic Bridal Portrait at Two Rivers Mansion

Did you know I was only engaged for four months? It's true. My husband and I "met and married," or at least that's what I call it. We met in October, were engaged in late January, and married in late May.... On his 19th birthday, I'd yet to lay eyes on Joshua, but by his 20th birthday, we had been husband and wife for almost half a year. People probably thought we were crazy, but when you know, you know. And just this past weekend we celebrated our 12th anniversary!

Despite our short engagement timeline, I still made time for the grand southern tradition of having a bridal portrait made. I had my portrait in my wedding gown taken about a month before our wedding. It was fun to get to have the chance to wear my wedding dress, get my hair and make up done, and be prissy in front of a camera for the afternoon. After all, with the time and effort it takes to find the perfect wedding gown, why shouldn't I get the chance to wear it more than just once?

My sister also had her bridal portrait taken - by me, naturally - though hers had to wait until after the wedding. Somehow, she managed to beat my four month engagement, and we planned her wedding in only 24 days! Both her portrait and mine now hang side by side in my parents' living room.

It might sound like an old tradition, but I'm so glad we each made the time to do this session. Being a bride is such a significant moment, and I believe it should be celebrated with a portrait. Below are my favorites from Kim's bridal portrait session at Two Rivers Mansion in Nashville.

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