Nashville Family Film Photographer - Back to work!

Hello all! I'm writing today from my desk... somewhere I've spent very little time at over the past month. At the beginning of July, I realized we were a mere 30 days from Clark starting Kindergarten, so in a panic, I decided to take the month off to spend plenty of time with him before he officially became an elementary student. Honestly, him starting Kindergarten is something I've been very excited about for a long time. It's going to be good for him to be challenged, and I've never worried for a second about how he would transition. I have, however, been quite upset about the fact that we now have to live our lives according to the school calendar. That is a tough adjustment for me, considering I've been my own boss for the past 11+ years and haven't had to follow any schedule except for the one I set myself.

That's why, when I realized we only had a few more weeks of "freedom" left, I decided to take a mini hiatus from work, officially pull Clark out of daycare, and spend lots and lots of time doing whatever I/we wanted. We started the month with a trip to Hawaii! And yes, all four of us, including our five and a half month old Oliver, went to Hawaii. The boys traveled excellently. Clark's always been a good traveler, and with all the trips we've managed to take this summer, Oliver was forced into being one too. Of course, the whole reason we went to Hawaii was for me to shoot a vow-renewal (those incredible images coming later), but we did spend the majority of the trip on vacation. I managed to get a few shots of us as a family, while we were there.
Truth be told, I'm not much of a beach person. But good grief, I think Hawaii would turn me into one! The combo of the cool breeze, the shady beaches, the teal-blue water, and the gorgeous, lava-rock dotted coast kinda has me convinced.
Once we returned from Hawaii and got over the jet-lag (which is NO JOKE, y'all!), we spend the rest of our summer being lazy... sleeping late, building Legos, playing at the park, really whatever we felt like doing. Oliver officially turned six months old in July, so I did a family session to mark the occasion. (Thanks to Ashley Miller for snapping the group shot of us!). 

Now that it's August, we're in the throws of our new routine. Clark is officially a kindergartner, and Oliver has started daycare three days a week. We're keeping with our routine of Tuesdays being Joshy's day at home with Oliver, and Thursdays being my day at home. But the other four days of the week I'm completely childless and able to work my regular, uninterrupted office hours again... finally!

 It was so great to have Oliver at home with me up until now, and I'm so glad he and Clark got to spend a good chunk of time at home together, but I'm also very glad to get back to my work routine. When it comes to work/family/life, I think balance is key, and I know for me personally, it's best when everything is balanced pretty equally. I'm a better mom when I've had plenty of time away from the boys, and I'm more focused at work when I've had plenty of time to step away. Now, it's time to dig in for the hectic fall season! 

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Now, back to some vacation snaps.

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