Nashville Family Photographers - Film Family Session on Murfreesboro Square

As a "mom-tographer" one of my biggest challenges for my family is getting a photo with me in it. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I have tons and tons (and TONS) of pictures of my boys, and rather often daddy shows up in the photo. Usually isn't nothing major ... snap shots around the house or yard, or a quick picture while we're out doing something fun. But the thing is, I really want to be in the photo a lot. One day, when my boys are grown and they look back at photos of their childhood, I want them to be able to see how life was, and that includes me. Not to mention, I'm going to age quickly, and these gray hairs that are starting to peep out are only going to multiply, so I need all the photos I can get while I'm still looking young-ish.

That's why I love this session so much! Stephanie made the time to get a family photo session with her and the kiddos. Sure, there are plenty that have just the kids in them, but there are plenty more where Stephanie joins them. In addition to the group shots, I made sure to get an individual shot of Stephanie with each one of her three kiddos.

If you'd like to plan a session like this with your own kids, email me now and we'll start the conversation.

Nashville family photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.

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