Nashville Family Photographers - Maternity Session around Murfreesboro Square

There have only been a couple of occasions so far where the four of us have needed to dress in coordinating clothes for our family portrait session. So far, it's proven to be a difficult task! Coordinating clothing for a family of four isn't easy. My advice is to start with the person that's most difficult to dress. In my family, that would be me, as I'm the only girl and by far the pickiest about what I wear. Once I have my outfit picked out, which is usually selected based on both how I feel in it and how I think I look in it, I'll go from there. For planning family portrait session outfits, I suggest mixing a variety of colors, patterns, and clothing textures. For example, if I'm wearing a navy dress with a small red flower pattern, I'd pull that red color out as a major player in one of my sons' shirts.

Speaking of family outfits, Sarah pretty much nailed it! The flowy dress she selected for herself moved beautifully in the cool afternoon breeze, and can we talk for a minute about how cute that blue dress is?! Of course, when your family is as beautiful as this, it's had not to look stunning in anything! I especially love how the navy and blue tones look against the gorgeous greens. This family session on the Murfreesboro Square is one of my favorites! And of course, it was all photographed on film. Just look at how excited Ellis is to be a big brother!
Nashville family photographers | Jenna Henderson is a family and baby portrait photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Her style for photographing families and baby's first year is fun and fresh, creating timeless, beautiful portraits that are cherished by families for generations to come.

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