Nashville Engagement Photographers - Arrington Vineyards Engagement Session

About this time last year, we were in the middle of a fruit basket turn over in our house, trying to make room for Oliver. In our three bedroom home, one bedroom was being used as my office, but it had to be turned into a nursery. So we (ahem, I) decided to turn one of the closets in our master that was occupied by Joshua into my tiny little "cloffice." This meant eliminating a lot of stuff. We had to cut my closet in half to make room for Joshua, and cut his stuff in half to fit. Then my office had to be downsized by a lot. And then because our master closet was now at max capacity, it was time to find space for the random-but-necessary stuff, like luggage and vacuum cleaners. Whew, that was a boring sentence.

I say all that to say, come Christmas time I was completely over stuff! So rather than having items on my Christmas list, I asked for experiences. Tickets, subscriptions, etc. And my parents came through majorly with a membership to the Arrington Vineyards wine club! I get two bottles of wine every quarter, and discounted pricing on all their wines and tastings.

So, needless to say, any time one of my couples chooses Arrington as their engagement location, I get a little extra excited to make a visit! Wine club aside, the views of Middle Tennessee from their rolling hillside are absolutely stunning, and its such a perfect location for engagement sessions like this one of Loriann and Michael.

If you need an excuse to go to Arrington, let's hang out and share a bottle of wine!
Nashville wedding photographers | Jenna Henderson is a timeless wedding photographer working in and around Nashville, Tennessee. She uses a mixture of film and digital photography for the weddings and engagement sessions of her sophisticated, southern brides, giving clients an exquisite collection of iconic photos with genuine, photojournalistic storytelling.

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