Nashville Wedding Photographers - Fall Wedding at Cedarwood

It's fall, y'all! Or at least the calendar says it is. I'm waiting on the temps to cool down just a bit more. The air just feels better when it has a little bit of that fall crisp-ness to it, don't you think? I haven't quite pulled out the pumpkin decorations yet, but I have purchased and consumed at least one pumpkin spiced food. I also have been thinking back to this perfectly fall wedding from Cedarwood last year. I love how subtle the fall decor is. This wedding isn't filled with pumpkins and hay bales, but rather rich, beautiful fall tones and textures. The sunflowers in the bouquets pull it all together. And those yellow bridesmaid shoes are everything!

What I love the most about this wedding though isn't any of the details, but rather the people. I first had the pleasure of shooting Courtney and Spencer's engagement session in Downtown Nashville, and I think they're just the sweetest. Their Cedarwood wedding was a destination wedding for them; yet despite not being from the south, Courtney has great southern style with her pearls and dress. Did you notice the gorgeous lace detailing at the bottom of her dress? LOVE. Also, Spencer knew the superhero reference when I told him our sons' names without me explaining, so he's earned bonus points in my book!

Are you getting married next fall? If so, now is the time to be thinking about booking a wedding photographer. So don't be shy! Give me a call or drop me a line and let's chat about it, and I'll tell you more about why fall weddings are my favorite!

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