Best Nashville Baby Photographers - Sweet Lifestyle Newborn Session on Film

When I arrived at this family's home in Nolensville, I immediately felt welcomed. After all, they were used to welcoming new people into the home, having just brought their sweet baby boy home a few days prior. We chatted for a minute, mostly about how astonishing it is that one little person can have so much stuff that seems to creep into every corner of the home, and then it was time to head up to the nursery for a few portraits. I love the simplicity of this boy's room. Neutral colors with tones of blue and meaningful touches made it a perfect place for a new baby boy. We spend most of the session right there in that sweet room, in the glider next to the window.

The more removed I become from the newborn days, the more I appreciate having simple photos that give me a little window into how life was for us in that fleeting moment. Newborn sessions don't have to be fancy, just you loving on your sweet baby is more than enough.

 Towards the middle of the session, while we were taking a break for baby to nurse, it started to pour down rain outside, and this dark, cozy feeling came over the nursery. Although the dark made it a little harder to photograph, it didn't stop me ... just made me get a little creative, which resulted in the last photo in the post.

 It's been almost six months since this newborn session! Lucky for me, I've had the pleasure of getting to see this family again and again soon, as they're participating in my Baby's First Year package. Speaking of, I have some room in my calendar for babies born in December and January to participate in this package, so if you're expecting, you probably want to go ahead and shoot me an email, so I can save your spot.

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